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Where there is man-made water retention, there is typically going to be a need for aeration and water treatment.

Whether you are a gas company, oil fracking company or treating wastewater, Pro Lake Industrial Aeration Systems and water treatments will provide you with a healthy and clean water system.

Prevent Poor Water Quality

Without proper aeration and treatment for industrial water environments - such as retention ponds, fracking ponds or industrial run-off ponds - poor quality water is likely to occur.

There are many common issues that are going to frequently arise, if your water environment does not accommodate an aerating solution or any water treatment.

One of the most common problems that can transpire is stagnant water. When a body of water becomes stagnant, there is generally little to no movement within that body of water. This will allow organic materials - like leaves, dirt, twigs, etc. - to break down slowly and rot, with no process for removal. Stagnant degradation is going to trap ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and hydrogen sulfide in one place, which will ultimately cause an odor, as well as aquatic animal death and sickness. A stagnant water body can, additionally, become harmful to humans, who may fish or recreate in or around the pond or lake.

This can be remedied in two ways - the addition of lake bottom aeration and/or the addition of natural water treatments. Our Industrial Aeration solutions and natural water treatments remove and eat the organic degrading material that is causing the poor water quality.

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More Oxygen & Less Odor with Industrial Aeration & Water Treatment

Bottom aeration is going to add oxygen directly to the most stagnant aera of your water system - the bottom. Constantly pumping air through diffusers that are stationed at the bottom of the water environment will allow the aquatic system to infuse with air bubbles, from the bottom of the water to the top. This will oxidize the harmful chemicals that are by-products of stagnant degradation. Additionally, the air bubbles are going to cause waves at the top of the water, ensuring 24/7 movement and no stagnation.

Stagnation can be controlled faster by the addition of natural water treatments, which are known as bacteria and enzymes, or microbes. By adding billions of colonies of bacteria that are contained in natural treatments, the organic material will break down much faster, removing the harmful by-products of stagnation, as discussed above. The removal of these harmful chemicals are going to drastically reduce stagnation, fish disease, odor and off-color water.

It is vital that your water environment has an adequately sized industrial aeration system for the size, depth and type of water that is being treated, in order to control the constant bombardment of outside contaminants. Pro Lake has Industrial Aeration Systems that can fit any sized water containment site that you have, whether it is 2 acres or 100 acres. We have the aeration solutions that you need to keep your body of water healthy and safe.

A Solution For Man-Made Aquatic Systems

At Pro Lake, we have Industrial Aeration Systems and Water Treatments that will prevent poor water quality.

Pro Lake's Aeration Systems and natural Water Treatments have a 40 year history of restoring ponds and lakes across the globe, while maintaining the reputation as one of the most reliable brands on the market today.

Pro Lake Industrial Aeration ensures a continuous supply of oxygen - rich air supply to the entire water column, or thermocline, with powerful and efficient compressor technology that has the ability to generate voluminous amounts of supplied air, while running cool and conserving energy.

Keeping the thermocline mixed is essential to maintaining a healthy and safe water environment. The thermocline is simply the layers in a body of water. The top is typically going to be warmer, while the center is cooler and the bottom is cold. If you have ever swam in a natural body of water, you have probably noticed that as you submerge, your body gets colder as you go deeper. This temperature difference is referred to as the thermocline of water.

Pro Lake's bottom aeration is going to mix the layers and help to maintain an even and cool temperature, from the bottom of the water to the top. The bottom aeration process will also aerate and clean each layer, as the air bubbles rise to the surface of the water environment. Aerating the layers will oxidize any contaminants - like ammonia, nitrite and nitrate - resulting in a fresh and polished water column.

Pro Lake offers natural water treatments that work in tandem with our Industrial Aeration Systems. Bacteria and enzymes will help to eat and remove the organic material that is at the bottom of the water, within the water column. Once they are applied, their colonies begin to grow and eliminate more organic material. If the water environment contains aeration, the bacteria is going to grow even faster, while working more efficiently to knock out contaminants and clean the water thoroughly.

Environmental Regulations Compliance

Pro Lake Industrial Aeration Systems help treat the water in containment for reuse and release and keep your business in compliance with environmental regulations for captured water use and reuse.

Whether you are a gas or oil fracking company, treating wastewater or have a farm waste lagoon, our Pro Lake series can help reduce your compliance liabilities and keep your operation running smoothly.

Detailed Product Data Sheets

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