Industrial Aeration

Prevent Water Treatment and Stagnation

ProLake provides cutting-edge solutions for industrial aeration applications. Where there's man-made water retention, there's often a need for aeration and water treatments

At ProLake, we've developed treatments that help prevent water stagnation that can become harmful to the workers around the water body, as well as any wildlife that may inhabit the area. (This can happen anywhere water is held by man-made ponds, lakes, or impoundments.)

A Solution for Man-Made Water Systems

Most of these man-made systems collect and retain many forms of waste. Left untreated, they can become anaerobic and toxic. Keeton’s proprietary ProLake5 series industrial aeration is the solution to this common problem. Find a dealer to get your ProLake5 series industrial aeration.

oil fracking

More Oxygen & Less Odor

Our ProLake5 series is designed to move massive amounts of oxygen throughout the water column to keep each layer of the containment moving and oxidized. Our ClearLake water treatments also help remove organic material that causes odor and potentially harmful bacteria growth within the sludge layer.

Environmental Regulations Compliance

ProLake5 aeration systems help treat the water in containment for reuse and release, and keep your business in compliance with environmental regulations for captured water use and reuse. Whether you are a gas or oil fracking company, treating wastewater, or have a farm waste lagoon, our ProLake series can help reduce your compliance liabilities and keep your operation running smoothly.

Detailed Product Data Sheets

To read more about ProLake5 aeration systems click on the Data Sheets below:

ProLake5 85 Data Sheet

ProLake5 370 Data Sheet

Having stagnation issues with your water retention?