Custom Aeration

Have A Custom Aeration Application?

ProLake has you covered! If you have a special application that requires a unique remedy, we can always manufacture a specific custom aeration system for your unique application. If you find yourself needing a large system or even a smaller system that we don’t currently offer, reach out to us at 800-493-4831 or email us at

Private Label Programs

If you are tired of:

  • Manufacturers selling directly to your customers.
  • Adhering to a rigid MAP program.
  • Not making enough money on aeration installs.
  • Building someone else’s brand.

If you are interested in:

  • Building your company brand.
  • Controlling your own price and no MAP.
  • Sell any where, any time at any price you choose.
  • Controlling consumer purchasing behavior.
custom aeration
custom aeration 1


Then You Have Come To The Right Place!

ProLake offers a private label aeration program and a water treatment program. We make it simple for you to ease your way into your own brand.

We don’t require a large minimum, we still handle the warranties for you and we still do aeration layouts for you. We also keep our inventory well-stocked so that you don’t have to stock anything if you don’t want to or if you don't have the space. Nothing changes with how you order from a manufacturer normally only you get your own branded products. With ProLake, we’ve removed all the obstacles of private labeling—all you have to do is go sell your own brand!

So you thought you wanted to have your own brand of water treatments with custom aeration, but didn’t have the cash to buy buckets, lids, and raw materials... or the warehouse space to store it all?

Again, ProLake keeps it simple so you can build your own brand. Most manufacturers make you buy a ridiculous amount of product in order to private label. But that's not how ProLake does business.

We work with you to establish what your needs are and then work together to build the best program for YOUR company—not what we can gouge you for. Lead times are no different than our own brand and we don’t make you take it all at once or sign a contract.

Does all that sound good? Then give us a call at 800-493-4831 or email us at


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Want to get started on your custom application?