Solar Pond Aeration

The TESLA of Solar Pond Aeration.

Solaer has been called the TESLA of aeration, because of its sleek design and ability to run completely on battery power.  However, you never have to plug a Solaer aeration system in to charge.  Just set it and forget it.

No electricity? No problem! Keeton Industries is the world leader in solar aeration systems—there are no competing systems that will equal Solaer® systems. So what makes Keeton better?

Our patented battery backup systems are the ONLY solar pond aeration system that can operate day and night, for as long as 20 hours. Other aeration systems that are on the market can only run while the sun is shining.

Solar aeration is perfect for any solar pond aeration or lake aeration that does not have electricity at the shoreline. Solaer® systems run off of batteries, so that means you don’t ever need electricity.

If you have a pond or lake that is remotely located, you can still have a quality aeration system that will keep your water clean and clear, all year round. Most importantly, aerator is a completely “green” and eco-friendly option. Our Solar pond aeration systems require very little maintenance, running during the day and all through the night—even on cloudy days!

How does solar pond aeration technology work?

Our ProLake systems use solar panels that are made from many connected photovoltaic cells. The solar panels are encased in a non-reflective, insulated pane of glass. The insulation helps to control the temperature inside the panel and keep it from over-heating.

Photovoltaic cells are made from multi-layered silicone. The top layer is treated with phosphorus, which creates a negative charge, while the bottom layer is treated with boron, which creates a positive charge. Once the layers are positioned over one another, they create an electric field between the layers, very much like a battery.

When sunlight hits the solar panel, the electric field between the positive and negative layers will cause electrons to be released. Metal plates are on each side of each cell to collect the energy and transfer it to the wiring, which feeds the DC current into a power inverter, creating electricity. In the case of Solaer® aeration, energy is stored in the back-up battery supply system, housed in the cabinet for use on cloudy days and during nighttime hours.

(It is extremely important that you place Solaer® aeration panels in an area where it can access sunlight, from sun-up to sun-down.)

Have a remote pond or lake that needs aeration?