ProLake1 aeration systems - For Ponds & Lakes Up To 4 Acres

aeration systems

ProLake1 1.1

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 1 Acre


ProLake1 1.2

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 2 Acres


ProLake1 1.3

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 3 Acres


ProLake1 1.4

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 4 Acres

ProLake1 electric aeration systems offer rugged durability with sleek, user friendly design for small ponds and lakes. ProLake1 aeration systems feature a no fade or chip, sound-deadening cabinet that surrounds power-packed ½ HP compressors, pressure gage and multi-feature timer.  Each unit comes complete with a 4 port manifold making it easy to expand your system economically.

ProLake1  Electric Aerator Systems are designed to clean and clear smaller ponds and lakes measuring up to 4 surface acres. ProLake1 systems offer a powerful ½ horsepower compressor capable of delivering 5.3 cubic feet of air per minute to our non-clogging, self-cleaning Duraplate™ diffusers.

We top it all off with high volume cooling blowers, fully adjustable, brushed aluminum manifolds and an industry exclusive programmable timer. All housed in a durable, sound-deadening cabinet. The result is a high-end, energy efficient aeration system that will keep your pond clean and problem free for many years to come.

Our systems are the ONLY aeration systems in the industry that come with a programmable timer so pond and lake owners can control exact times for when they want to aerate their body of water.

ProLake™ UL Listed timers feature seven-day, 24-hour control, power outage back up, manual override, permanent schedule retention and locking hasp.  ProLake™ timers are just another way ProLake™ pond aeration systems add value and versatility to managing ponds and lakes.

Electric Aeration Systems FAQ

Having trouble with odor, sludge, or fish kills in your water system?