ProLake2 - For Ponds & Lakes 5-8 Acres


ProLake2 2.5

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 5 Acres


ProLake2 2.6

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 6 Acres


ProLake2 2.7

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 7 Acres


ProLake2 2.8

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 8 Acres

ProLake2 pond aeration and lake aeration systems offer rugged durability with sleek, user friendly design for medium ponds and lakes. Features a no fade or chip, sound-deadening cabinet that surrounds TWO power-packed ½ HP compressors, pressure gage and multi-feature timer.

Having trouble with odor, sludge, or fish kills in your water system?