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Water Treatments

ClearLake™ water treatments are designed to naturally treat ponds and lakes keeping muck away, controlling odor and keeping water clean, clear and healthy.

lake aeration

Solar Aeration

Solaer® aeration systems are perfect for areas where no electricity if available or if you want to save on electricity costs. Features 20 hour run time, battery back-up and built in timer.


Electric Aeration

ProLake™ aeration systems offer rugged durability with sleek, user friendly design. Features a no fade or chip, sound-deadening cabinet that surrounds power-packed ½ HP compressors, pressure gage and multi-feature timer.


Industrial Aeration

ProLake5 industrial aeration packages include up to 370 CFM blowers, heat-tolerant airline and up to 20 diffusers. ProLake5 systems are extremely versatile and customizable for tough applications like fracking, wastewater treatment and waste lagoons.

Kasco-New-Mahogany 4-crop


The Kasco brand is the leading brand in the lake management industry and we are proud to offer their fountains and lights to our customers.  Kasco fountains are rugged as well as elegant and offer a wide range of fountains and display nozzles from ¾ HP up to 7 HP.

Solar Aeration
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Solaer® solar aeration, the longest running solar system on the market!

Competing solar systems only run when the sun is out. But with Solaer® you have up to 20 hours of run time any given day.

Water Treatments
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Treat more for less with ClearLake™ bacteria and enzyme products.

Many bacteria and enzyme products require 20-50 pounds per one acre. ClearLake™ treatments only require a few pounds to keep lakes and pond clean, clear, and muck-free.

Electric Aeration
Slider Electric Interior
ProLake™ aeration, timely and stylish.

ProLake™ electric, diffused aeration systems are the ONLY systems with a built-in, programmable timer, housed in an ultra-stylish, sound-deadened cabinet.

Pond Analysis
Slider Algae Pond
The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Ever wonder if your pond is worse than what you think? Let us help with a FREE POND ANALYSIS. With just a few short questions, our experts can let you know if your pond is good, bad, or ugly, and then provide custom solutions to any issues you might have.

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