Electric Aeration

The Technology Behind ProLake Electric Aeration

Lake Bed Aeration can be defined as the introduction of compressed air into the bottom of a pond or lake using a self-cleaning, non-clogging Duraplate™ diffuser. When compressed air is released at the bottom it will naturally begin to migrate towards the surface of the water. As it travels up the water column the pressure surrounding the bubbles slowly decreases causing the bubbles to expand in size. Due to the fact that larger bubbles displace more water than smaller bubbles a slight current begins to develop. This current draws oxygen depleted water from the bottom, oxygenates it and transports it to the surface. This action mixes stratified water while increasing dissolved oxygen levels and protecting fish, aquatic organisms and beneficial microbes from suffocation.

How ProLake Aeration Works

We've worked hard to make ProLake products the best in the industry when it comes to water quality management. Degraded or Eutrophic ponds and lakes can be characterized by low levels of dissolved oxygen and highly stratified water (where warm, oxygen-rich water is suspended above cool, oxygen-depleted bottom water). As anaerobic (devoid of oxygen) conditions begin to develop in the deeper water, naturally occurring aerobic microbes can no longer perform beneficial tasks, such as waste digestion or water purification. With time, water quality greatly decreases, leading to unsightly blooms of algae, the accumulation of organic sludge and the buildup of gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Low oxygen levels can also lead to fish kills. ProLake aeration combats low oxygen environments and stratification efficiently and effectively keeping ponds and lakes healthy and safe.

electric aeration

ProLake Diffuser Technology


Our Duraplate™ diffuser technology has been used around the world for over three decades. Duraplate™ diffusers feature a 9-inch diffuser plate mounted inside of a high-density, 3 mm plastic wall housing to protect against fishing lures and bottom-dwelling predators.

Duraplate™ diffuser check valves are constructed using the Venturi Principle. This scientific principle creates a constriction within a pipe (an hourglass shape) which disrupts the flow of air through the airline.

As the velocity of air increases through the airline there is a corresponding drop in pressure. This pressure drop increases flow velocity, delivering a massive amount of oxygen to the water column.

Unlike ProLake's cutting-edge technology, most competing aeration systems have conventional venturi’s installed.

When constriction happens in a conventional system, a condition is created in which back-pressure will greatly reduce flow, over-burden the compressor, increase the cost to run, and shorten the life of the compressor.

So what does this mean as it pertains to ProLake aeration systems?

With our system, the end result is better lift potential, large surface area, and fine-bubble aeration that delivers massive amounts of oxygenation to the water column.

Our process of mixing each “layer” of a pond or lake (destratification) keeps water clean and aquatic animals healthy. Additionally, reduced pressure utilizing our scientifically designed venturi constriction reduces operating costs by reducing load and keeping compressors running cooler and longer.

Duraplate Diffused Aeration Circulation

ProLake™ Duraplate™ diffusers create a laminar current that moves, stirs and pushes air through the water column at 1,000-2,500 gallons of water per minute (depending on the application).

The process is simple, but incredibly effective in creating proper oxygenation for your body of water:

1. Air is blown through the Duraplate™ diffuser from the compressor.
2. Water is heavily oxygenated as air from the diffuser rises through the water column.
3. A laminar/continuous current is created.

Luckily, degraded ponds and lakes can easily be enhanced with the addition of lake bed aeration systems from ProLake.

Lake bed aeration acts to increase dissolved oxygen levels, while eliminating water stratification. Aerobic microbes can then re-colonize deeper water where they rapidly begin to digest accumulated organic sludge and improve water quality.

ProLake Cabinet Construction

Beware of other cabinets on the market that are made of thin plastic, low-gauge metal, or oval shaped. Thin plastic and metal will vibrate, and ovals/ellipses will amplify sound. The reason ovals/ellipses amplify sound is because this shape has two focus points.

Sound projected in any direction from one focus point will travel to the other. Sound from any point will tend to be focused toward the other point, so it is highly recommended that ellipses be avoided for most acoustical purposes.

Our durable cabinets are constructed using ¾ inch Acousti-Panel. Acousti-Panel is manufactured using 100% recycled, laminated plastic to quietly compress sound and reduce vibration.

We have meticulously designed a cabinet that will withstand rain, snow, sleet, and hail without fading, chipping, or warping. That’s why ProLake cabinets can last far beyond their warranty.

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ProLake Timer - Convenience & Assurance

ProLake™ and Solaer® aeration systems are the only systems on the market today that come standard with an electronic, programmable timer. No other aeration systems even offer a timer!

Features Include:

  • Daily/Weekly Programming of Your Aeration System
  • 24/7 Programming
  • Manual Override
  • Lithium Battery That Provides 5 Years of Reserve Power

With a ProLake™ or Solaer® aeration system you're getting a top-of-the-line system that is backed by a strong warranty and proven scientific principles.

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Still not convinced that ProLake is the premier water quality system?

You like to be thorough, and that's good! Give us a call or shoot us an email and we'd be happy to talk in more detail with you about our ProLake products with you. We can outline a custom solution for your water system and answer any questions you have.

ProLake Cabinet Survives Bear Attack!

Customer Email – 1/29/2021

Attached is a picture of the aerator the bear tried to destroy. Everything was still running when I found it, reconnected the hoses and it was back to normal. If anyone questions the toughness on one of your systems show them this. Thanks again for all of your help!

As far as we know, we are the only aerator on Earth that can withstand a bear attack and keep on working!  We are thinking of renaming it the “Bearator”.

Bearator Image

Tired of the muck & sludge in your pond or lake?