ProLake4 Electric Aeration - For Ponds & Lakes 13-16 Acres


ProLake4 4.13

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 13 Acres


ProLake4 4.14

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 14 Acres


ProLake4 4.15

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 15 Acres


ProLake4 4.16

For Ponds & Lakes Up To 16 Acres

ProLake4 electric aeration systems offer rugged durability with sleek, user friendly design for large ponds and lakes. Features a no fade or chip, sound-deadening cabinet that surrounds FOUR power-packed ½ HP compressors, pressure gage and multi-feature timer. Competing brands require several cabinets for larger applications, with ProLake4 systems you only need one, which keeps your pond-side clutter free.

The ProLake 4 electric aeration system is a highly effective solution for improving the health and quality of larger ponds or lakes, typically ranging in size from 13 to 16 acres. This advanced aeration system is specifically designed to enhance oxygen levels in the water and promote the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria and other aquatic organisms.

The ProLake 4 electric aeration system is energy-efficient and low-maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for large ponds and lakes. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of the body of water and can be equipped with advanced monitoring and control systems to ensure optimal performance and adjust the aeration process as needed.

By improving oxygen levels in the water, the ProLake 4 system can promote the growth of aquatic life, prevent algae blooms and other harmful conditions, and help to maintain a balanced and healthy ecosystem. It can also help to prevent fish kills and reduce unpleasant odors associated with stagnant, low-oxygen water.

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Having trouble with odor, sludge, or fish kills in your water system?