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ClearLake™ Water Treatments are designed to naturally treat ponds and lakes keeping muck away, controlling odor and keeping water clean, clear and healthy. Claim your free 24lb bucket of beneficial microbes by filling out the form below today.


Give Nature a Boost

Lake and pond environments are highly dynamic ecosystems that rely on natural processes to maintain natural order. That’s why we are intentional about taking a natural approach that integrates well with the way nature is intended to operate.

Learn how to combat excess nutrient and sludge building with naturally occurring bacteria and beneficial bacteria together. Create an integrated management system to keep your pond or lake clean, clear, and muck free, without the worry of residual harsh chemicals.

Choose the right product for you

Decide which product you would like to try for your free trial. ProLake has four ClearLake™ products for you to choose from.

Pond and Lake Clarifier 24 pound bucket, with color-coded green arrow and product name.

Pond and Lake Clarifier

Convenient water soluble bags start working instantly to clean and clear your pond or lake, utilizing billions of beneficial bacteria to breakdown the suspended organic material that causes off-color in the water column.

Cold Water Clarifier 24 pound bucket, with color-coded orange arrow and product name.

Cold Water Clarifier

Cold Water Clarifier produces the same great results as Pond and Lake Clarifier, but optimized for temperatures below 50°F/10°C. Comes in water soluble bags that dissolve instantly.

Muck Eliminator 24 pound bucket, with color-coded blue arrow and product name.

Muck Eliminator

Formulated to remove muck and odor by utilizing highly concentrated and specialized bacteria strains to do their work. Perfect for high traffic areas. Comes in water soluble bags that dissolve instantly.

Muck Eliminator Tablets 24 pound bucket, with color-coded blue arrow and product name.

Muck Eliminator Tablets

The same great product as Muck Eliminator but in tablet form. Perfect for targeting high traffic zones like beaches, shorelines, docks and swimming areas.

What people say about it

“Dear people of Keeton Industries, it is now 2 years since we have been on your ClearLake and sludge reducer program. For over 25 years we were controlling our pond with chemicals like Aquathol K and copper sulfate. I must admit I was hesitant and skeptical at first at the claims you were making. You must be commended on your advice and products. This is the first year without using hard chemicals that I did not have to cut any weeds in my pond other than the filamentous algae, and my weed problem is gone. My pond is clearer and thriving...1,000 thank you's again!”

Steve Hoffman, Manager
Hoffman Farms

“After trying multiple products to knock down high ammonia levels in our trout rearing hatchery, we used ClearLake Cold Water product. This is the only product we have ever used that effectively reduced ammonia concentrations in our facility, with consistent 50 degree water temperatures.”

Ron Bright
Manager, Chaulk Mound Trout Hatchery

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