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Putting the BLUE in your red, white and blue

Before you fire up the grill and light up the fireworks, don't forget to give your pond some love. Enjoy a summer full of blue, sparkling water with ProLake's beneficial microbes.

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Everything you need for a perfect summer pond.

The warm summer months are fast approaching and everyone is getting excited to spend all their time outdoors, soaking up the sun at backyard BBQs and fishing by the lake. As you begin to think about your maintenance routine, it is essential to not get caught off-guard by odors and water clarity issues the weekend before your big party.

Start your summer pond prep as early as possible with beneficial microbes to effectively maintain your water quality. Grab ProLake's best selling products to get you going in the right direction. Available in 8 lb. or 24 lb. buckets.


The Complete Pond Package includes:

ClearLake™ Pond and Lake Clarifier

ClearLake™ Muck Eliminator Tabs

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ProLake's cutting-edge technology offers a reliable and effective solution to tackling even the most challenging water clarity issues, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a clean, healthy pond.

Now Imagine...

Eliminating odors, muck and unpleasantness.

Defining and feeling confident in your lake management goals.

Easy application with water soluble bags that dissolve in under a minute.

Targeting shorelines and high-traffic areas with concentrated tablets.

Enjoying time spent by the pond and relaxing with family and friends.

Keeping your water clear and healthy all season long.

Stay Ahead of the Game: A Guide to Your Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Applying beneficial microbes is probably the easiest pond maintenance job around. It’s also the most important, so setting up a proper schedule will get you started in the right direction. 

Initial Dose

Let’s face it, your pond isn’t in great shape. We recommend hitting it hard with an initial application to really get things started off right, when water temperatures are about 52 degrees. 4 to 6 lbs per surface acre is recommended. Start by mid-May.


Week 2

After the initial heavy dose, you can settle into a maintenance dose for the remainder of the growing season. 2 to 3 lbs per surface acre will provide plenty of hardworking bacteria to improve water quality and clarity. Applying water soluble bags is simple and efficient; simply toss them into the water and watch them dissolve. You will want to spread them out evenly across the pond surface. If you are also applying tabs, you will just want to throw them in target areas where sludge tends to build up, particularly around docks and shorelines. Apply the last week of May. 


Week 4

The key to improving your pond is consistency. Beneficial bacteria have pretty short lifespans and typically bacteria concentrations will fall back to normal levels in about 1 week. Every time you reapply our products, you are starting the next population of bacteria that will grow exponentially to improve water quality and clarity. During week 4, you will apply your second maintenance dose. Apply mid-June.


Week 6

During week 6, you will apply your third maintenance dose. Because the application of beneficial bacteria relies on natural process, it can take some time to see results. Water should begin to clear up and sludge should start to dissipate. We also recommend looking at water quality parameters including orthophosphate, ammonia and nitrite. These are key indicators that water quality is improving. Apply last week of June. Continue every 2 weeks. 

If you need assistance, you can always send us water samples and we can analyze water quality parameters for you. Don’t forget it has taken a long time for your pond to go bad. It will take time to get it to where you want it to be. Be patient and monitor the progress.


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